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Norton Security Suite Re-Install Problems with Indentity Safe Password

I have read and tried everything to get my indentity safe password to work but it is not working.  The password hint asks me for "bank" which is not the hint I had before.  I had an issue with Norton showing that the updates were not run but they were and windows kept saying that my computer was at risk.  I uninstalled NSS and reinstalled and then got the problems when I tried to log back into Identity Safe.  I probably have 200-300 passwords and sites in it and need to get it back up.  I've tried some of the solutions I've found here online but I cannot even gain access into NSS to delete or copy files to another location so that I can uninstall again and reinstall.  Can someone please help me, I'm desperate after working on this for over 6 hours yesterday!

Thank you.



Re: Norton Security Suite Re-Install Problems with Indentity Safe Password

Hi, 2rtistic,

Welcome to our community; let's see if we can get you back in business....

How did you ininstall your previous Norton product? If you only did a Windows (Control Panel-Add/Remove) uninstall, there may be debris left from your previous installation that's causing you problems. Here are my step-by-step instructions for fixing this condition:

You will not have to pay for the program again, and your subscription days will automatically be recognized when you reinstall this way. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Export your Identity Safe cards/credentials to your desktop if you've set these up, so you'll be able to import them back in when your clean install is complete.
  2. Make sure that you have set up (and can still access) your Norton Account, and that your current Norton 360 subscription is showing under the "Products" tab, with a big yellow "Download" button at right; this is how you will reinstall your Norton product and have it linked automatically to your subscription.
  3. From Windows Control Panel, use the Add/Remove Programs function to uninstall your Norton 360. This will disconnect all your critical system drivers from your security product so they aren't deleted by the next step. reboot your computer when this is complete.
  4. Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to ensure a complete uninstall of your existing Norton product. This is necessary because of the extent to which a security package needs to have its tendrils deeply intertwined throughout the Operating System to do its job, and will clean up debris Windows leaves behind that may interfere with proper operation of your Norton product.
  5. Once the Norton Removal Tool has finished, reboot your computer again, and immediately log back into your Norton Account and click that big yellow Download button. Remember, until you do this, you are temporarily without your Norton protection.

This last step will reinstall Norton 360 and link it automatically to your existing subscription. You should now be back in business, protected by "the speed and power of Norton!"

If this does not work--or if you've already tried it--your best bet is likely to be Norton's Live Chat customer service. The folks there are both knowledgeable and responsive, and if anything can be done, they'll be able to figure it out. Be prepared, though--Identity Safe is designed to protect you from exactly this circumstance, where someone who does not know your password well enough for your hint to remind them is trying to break in and gain access to all your accounts and passwords in their central location. Because your circumstance looks exactly like that of an intruder who stole your computer, there may simply be nothing that can be done. It's worth a try, though.

Please let us know how this works out. We're here to support you until you can click that "Accept as Solution" button!


Re: Norton Security Suite Re-Install Problems with Indentity Safe Password


OP states: "I cannot even gain access into NSS to delete or copy files" - thus they are not capable of backing up their ID Safe data.

The OP has Norton Security Suite ( free from Comcast) and as such does not have a Norton Account - it is controlled thru their Comcast account.  Thus they can not use your "Big Yellow  Download Button".

Instructions fro removing and reinstalling NSS  are located here:


I would suggest to remove and reinstall saving the settings rather than running the NRT in hope of the OP being able to rescue their ID Safe Data after the reinstall. 

I do agree that more than likely they are out of luck at this point in time in regards to rescuing their ID Safe Data. 


Re: Norton Security Suite Re-Install Problems with Indentity Safe Password

@ 2rtistic,

Had another thought about your situation.  This normally only works after your subscription (which you technically still have since you are a Comcast customer) expires, but may be worth a try:

Navigate to the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Norton 360\Engine\4.x.x.x (Where x is the version number.)

 Double-click COExport.exe. (This program exports Identity Safe data to a comma delimited file.)

 In the Export Identity Safe Data window, type in your Identity Safe password.

 Click Browse.

 In the Save As dialog box, select a location and file name. Click Save.

 In the Export Identity Safe Data window, click OK.

 After the profile is exported successfully, click OK.

 To view the passwords, navigate to the location that you provided in line 5 and open the file.

If have the info now,  you would still have to manually enter it into your fresh nstall of NSS, but better than not having the info at all.

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