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How is protection coordinated or is it?

I am running Norton 360 on an older machine running Windows XP. I also have downloaded these other "safety"/performance  products: SpeedMaxPC (runs automatically twice a week); Spybot: Search and Destroy (run manually occasionally or if I suspect something is wrong). Recently, Norton PC Checkup 3.0 appeared on my desktop and I am not really sure when this was added.

Last week, PC Checkup ran an automatic scan and presented a list of about 70 issues. One glaring issue at the top of the page was that Windows Defender was turned off. This I actually did myself as running Windows Defender and Norton Anti-Virus has caused conflict issues in the past (these may have been resolved more recently). Defender would treat the Norton product like a virus and not permit it access to perform it's job. Both would try to block websites in a round robin fashion so that I would clear warning messages from one then have to clear the other which would trigger the first and so on. For the most part, I have had very little trouble by just running the Norton product but find it a head scratcher that a Norton product insists that I run something I believe to conflict with it.

Another issue that I had with PC Checkup was that I had to pay more money to allow it to fix the issues it found. I was really annoyed that SpeedMaxPC did this when I downloaded it but at the time I was desperate as my computer was almost unusable; it did a very good job, BTW. To have a product that I don't remember ever downloading, automatically running, and demanding money sounds like some sort of scam and I would report it as such if I didn't trust the author. Sometimes I feel like both MS and Norton are viruses themselves in that they prioritize themselves and insist that you must do what they tell you or you can't use your own computer. I understand why they do this, but it raises the question as to whose computer is it anyway?

So... do I need to run Windows Defender with Nortons? Is PC Checkup a sub module associated with Norton 360 and does it do pretty much the same thing as SpeedMaxPC? I guess I would feel better if I knew what each package was really doing instead of all of them merely stating that each was the ultimate protection software. Spybot seems the most honest...


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Re: How is protection coordinated or is it?

Hi texdel,

Here is some info on PC Checkup and how you may have gotten it instlled on your system.


If you follow the link under External Refeerences in the article, you can see that it is mentioned that a tech will assist you.  Actually the free scan appears to be a marketing tool in order to have you purchase service.  It is not part of N 360 - although N 360's Tuneup functions do dupicate some of it's functions.

During the installation of Norton Products (NIS/N360)  Windows Defender is turned off - you guessed it - in order to avoid conflicts between it and Norton.

I am not up to speed on SpeedMax PC, but from reading a few short articles on it (Google) it apepars to do quite a bit of it's work in the registry and as I do not use regisrty cleaners of any type, unless absolutely necessary, I would not put it on my system.  Of course you say that it has produced good results for you, so it is your decisioon.

Spybot is fine to run as an on demand scanner - as long s it is the free version.  The Pro version uses real-time protection - which can conflict with Norton the same as Windows Defender does.

Hope this answers your questions.

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