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ID Safe - export

I just exported my ID safe logins as a plain csv - it is amazing how many errors there are in the stored logins (as well as apparent duplicates)...  It provides a useful insight as to why ID safe may have so many issues and where it is getting things wrong....

I have ones which show the username as:


password as



or how about the following usernames:

Enter your password

e-mail address

Mother's maiden name

Sign up with your email

User ID

User Name

Your email address...


 (yes that last one is just blank)

Made me laugh when I saw for:


It managed to store username / password as simply

username, password

On other sites where you are asked to enter an amount and confirm your password (eg. to upload money onto a site) - it stored the value and my password!

On one site - the same details appear on 19 rows which suggest it keeps trying to capture my log in details.

Another site where I went to reset my password (and you have to enter your new password and the old one), it managed to store both passwords as the user name and password!

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