My child can turn off accessibility on his phone (and he doesn't know my password)

I just purchased Norton Family parental controls. I don't understand how or why, but My son's phone has an app on it called Accessibility. It is green with a person on it. He can use it to turn of accessibility, which means I can not monitor his account. I see no activity and he can use the phone as long as he wants. How is this possible?  It means there is no purpose to Norton parental controls.

I spent 2 hours Thursday night getting technical help.  The consultant used many tools, including  He said that there is no way to stop my child from using the accessibility app, but that since I am warned immediately via email (true, I do get an immediate email) that I can then lock his phone, which will teach him not to use the accessibility app.  But I might be at work or in a meeting.  Plus, this is not what I signed up for!   Battles with me son, reminding him that I will keep locking his phone... why must I battle with I'm over this?  Isn't this want I want a parental control system to do?

I am tempted to ask for a refund, but I've put in precious time to learning Norton parental controls.

Second issue:  I don't understand how to restrict my child's time on the device.  I used the "Time" page to restrict my son's use to .5 hours for Friday, yesterday (and all days).  Yet when the child got him from school I watched him use the phone without me changing anything (and this son did not turn off accessibility) for 3 hours on Friday afternoon/early evening.  I let him watch it because I figured he might be using the .5 hours.  Then it became too hard for me to wrest the phone away from him.  I saw my child use the phone basically continuously from 5pm to 8pm (2 hours of which we were in the car so I now he was using it).  So why was he able to use the phone as much as he wanted? Is this because I had separately set school time to go from 6am to 9pm? so does use of school time over-ride what the parents puts for overall daily limit of time?   The reason I set 'school time' is that the technician told me that school time means that the child can only use educational things during that time.  Yet my child watched 2 hours of TikTok, 1 hour of YouTube/snapchat, and 2 hour of Minecraft during the period from 7am to 8pm.   

Third problem:  how can I block TikTok?  If my child downloads TikTok, I can block it.  Then all my child has to do is delete TikTok and reinstall it.  While TikTok was not installed, then I can't block it.  Once it is installed again, my child can use it as much as he wants. 

I attached screen shots showing these issues.   The big day in question is Friday, when my son Raymond was supposedly restricted to .5 hours and he used it in front of me for 3 hours.  The screen shot of his time shows him using it for only .5 hours, the limit I had said.  

As you will see form my account, I have 2 sons, all the issues here apply to both of them, except only Raymond knows how to find the green icon called accessibility, so only Raymond can turn off accessibility. 

This can't be why Norton Family was created one of the top devices in the category of parental control.  What am I missing?



Re: My child can turn off accessibility on his phone (and he doesn't know my password)


Thanks for reaching out to the Norton Family forum.

Norton Family app will not be able to restrict the accessibility service from being turned off. However, as an alternative, you can block the settings app or the app that your child uses so that your child does not have a way to turn it off.

For the second issue, as you have mentioned school time overrides the regular time supervision.

For the third issue, the app will be blocked after reinstall if it was blocked earlier. Please double-check this one.

Norton Family Team

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