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Being charged to much to transfer


I finally was able to with draw my wallet balance of $14.84 and when it was all said and done I only received $6.42 the transfer fees were $8.45.

Only $6.42 after a week of mining and it not working for 4 days. Not worth using my PC to make money for someone else. I am going back to playing "BACK 4 BLOOD" :-)

Take care everyone.

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Re: Being charged to much to transfer

To make it clear to anyone who reads this post, the transfer fees are not going to Norton or to CoinBase, this is the standard Ethereum fee used to process transactions. The gas price (fee) can vary greatly throughout the day and can change at any time based on the Ethereum network load (how many people are doing transactions).

It's measured in GWEI, and 55 gwei is ~$4.00 at the current price of ETH. So when this transaction was executed the gas fee must have been over 100. This goes back into the ETH network and not to Norton or CoinBase.


Re: Being charged to much to transfer

Not true 100 gwei is only $3.45 USD When I mine Bitcoin and with draw my and transfer it to coinbase I only pay 2% so not true.


Re: Being charged to much to transfer

Ethereum uses a different algorithm on transactions compared to Bitcoin. Norton Crypto is only using Ethereum.

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