Norton stealing Crypto Rights

So Norton decided that seeing as a LHR card is designed to discourage mining, they simply will not allow it to mine at all. Son number 2 bought a RTX 3060TI LHR for gaming, thinking that while it wont mine as fast as a non LHR, it will mine while he is asleep, or at work. Norton 360 said it was a GTX 1660, and it was mining, albeit slowly, but the first step in a journey of 1,000 miles, eh?

Then Norton said"NO!" because it is not designed to mine, we will not allow it to mine! No, we did not tell you in advance, you just lose! now pay up!!!"

So Norton needs to fix where they take away their CUSTOMERS CHOICE as to what card they can mine with.

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Re: Norton stealing Crypto Rights

That's exactly what Nvidia designed those cards not to do. I doubt Norton has much to say, or do, about the issue.

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