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How to stop Norton Notice from scamer

Receive emails every day that my Norton is going to expire when I still have 135 days left. Is there a way we could forward these emails so that all these scamer can get caught by you guys as they are all doing harm to your business and enoying all your customer like me. Also I am now so confused and scared to open up an email from you guys thinking it could be an other scam. How can I tell if the email is from legitimate Norton staff or service. I even get Mc Cafee scams every day and I have never used Mc Cafee antivirus ever. Is there anyway of stoping all this scaming emails !!!!!! Will wait to hear from you guys. Email sample below.

From Subject Received Size

Norton Notice Your Norton AntiVirus Plus Gonna expierd Now 11:23 PM 1 KB

ラベル: AntiSpam



Re: How to stop Norton Notice from scamer

The email you provided is most definitely a scam. You can try reporting it as spam in your email service/client. Hopefully, Norton can also ask you for the email headers so they may investigate.

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