How to delete files in Norton 360 Backup

Norton 360 v22.22.7.14, Windows 10, desktop computer. How do I delete files which are in Norton 360 Backup? Please provide precise, step-by-step instructions for v22.22.714. Just saw there are a couple hundred MB of files in Backup. I don't want to use Norton Backup.

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Re: How to delete files in Norton 360 Backup

If you do not want to use the backup feature, open the classic 360 interface and click on Settings. On the right side you will see Quick Controls. Un check the Backup and Backup overlays options to disable the backups.

If you feel the need to remove the files from the online backup storage, log into your Norton Account at . Click View Backups on the Backup pillar. Then click on the trash can by the backup set you find there. That will remove the files from online storage.

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