Make a win10 application NOT trusted


     Someone got into my PC (I think I found the door they used).  They installed some access software to poke around.  I want to make those install apps not trusted.  So if they get in again, that software will disappear.

     How do I make those apps appear as not trusted and to be removed?  Thank you.


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Re: Make a win10 application NOT trusted

Settings/Firewall/Program Control will allow or block programs from using Internet.


Re: Make a win10 application NOT trusted

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Re: Make a win10 application NOT trusted

How did you get these apps on your PC? If they are indeed malicious, Norton should have caught it/them.

You do not want to just block them from accessing the internet. You want them gone.

I would start with a full system scan with your Norton product. Then I would suggest a second opinion scan using the FREE version of Malwarebytes. You can find it here


Re: Make a win10 application NOT trusted


So thank you for asking a question.  but I addressed the entirety of the issue with my opening statements.  "Someone got into my PC (I think I found the door they used).  They installed."  This has nothing to do with whether Nortons likes the program or not.  I DO NOT LIKE THE PROGRAM.  It was uninvited.  By thieves.  So to prevent them from doing it again if they find a different door to my PC, then I prevent them from getting anywhere.

I thought it was clear, it was to signal Nortons to automatically block these programs from executing, therefore providing greater capability.

I use all the malwarebytes.  But, again, if I did not install them (good or not by nortons standards) then the thieves install them (like they did) then me running malwarebytes does ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD.  They are in fact good and useful tools.  But in the hands of thieves on my PC, they are by MY declaration malware, unwanted, in effect trojan horse apps. 

Not everything nortons or malwarebytes or macafree(sic) says are good, are good for every situation.

I am glad I grew up in IT.  Security was always an issue.  Even with private leased lines, access could be gained.  Whatever is designed, thieves find ways to unlock the door.  And since I been around before PCs, got involved with PCs of many different types, and run multi level security threat software I know NOTHING IS SECURE 100%.

Now, as part of my decades in IT and project and process management asking a question usually requires to LISTEN for an answer.  So the response you give applies to the situation.  You ignored what I wrote.  presumed you knew the situation and so gave a solution.  Except since you did not look to know the problem, you just gave what you knew.  helpful you were, but no.  have a great weekend.

And ignored my thank you to xjoe?.  I got my answer.  but you like I just stated, you presumed.  I tell you this so with you ability, real analysis finds the problem as it really is, so the answer is really right.

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