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I understand norton is offering privacy monitoring to remove personal information from the internet.

Does anyone know if they can remove

this seems to be a difficult site to remove. I have sent messages to them directly to opt out. but it was 3 useless site. I want my address ,age,etc

personal info off,. can norton provide this. Can't get through them. customer service is the worst. thanks for an info



Re: Privacy Monitoring

Privacy Monitor
Your address and phone number can be easily found on the web. We scan common people-search sites to find your information, and help you request to opt-out.

Privacy Monitor is available in Norton 360 with LifeLock plans:
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sites does Privacy Monitor scan?
  • What kind of information do data broker or people search sites have?

As a NortonLifeLock member with an eligible plan, you can add-on the Privacy Monitor Assistant service and our Member Services & Support team can submit the opt-out requests on your behalf.

Opt out your personal data from data broker sites using Privacy Monitor Assistant
The Privacy Monitor Assistant feature provides an agent-assisted process to opt out your personal data from data broker sites that have made your data available publicly. 

You can raise an opt-out request once every three months.  So, we recommend that you go to your account to run a new scan and review your Privacy Monitor results to find if there is anything new to opt-out of. Use the information below to run a new scan, review your results and raise an opt-out request.

Introducing Privacy Monitor Assistant from NortonLifeLock


Re: Privacy Monitoring

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