Charging for non existant accounts

I was charged around £645 for subscriptions that should have been cancelled, they turned it into a subscription that was supposed to last until January 2025 but, they are still taking money out of my account!!!



Re: Charging for non existant accounts

they are still taking money out of my account!!!

and "they" are Norton?

Please discuss your subscription with Norton Official Support. 
Norton Community does not have access to your subscription nor payment info. 

Please contact Norton Support

Please see your Norton account to manage licenses / subscriptions.

Online Refund Request

Refunds for Norton annual subscriptions 

Stop your Norton subscription from automatically renewing

Please check your Norton account to confirm ... Automatic Renewal Off ... and no billing information. 
MY SUBSCRIPTIONS reports:  Activate Subscription Renewal ... with Automatic Renewal Off.  

BILLING INFORMATION reports:  There is no billing profile saved in your account ... with no billing information.

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