Norton360's Secure VPN no longer connects

I have Norton360 on Windows 7 and Secure VPN no longer works for me; every time I try to turn it on, it attempts to connect for a split second before failing. There's no error messages or anything popping up that could tell me what the issue is, it just acts like I never tried to turned it on.

Sometimes if I try enough it'll connect, but it's a "phantom" connection that automatically disconnects seconds later. I've run updates, I've run the diagnostic tool and came up clean, I restarted my computer, router, and modem, and yet it just won't connect anymore.

I'm not sure what else to do as I'd really like to avoid uninstalling and reinstalling Norton entirely just to fix this.

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Re: Norton360's Secure VPN no longer connects

Go into settings and make sure you have auto VPN turned off.  

Auto VPN will turn on automatically for insecure networks and turn off automatically for secure networks. If you are connected to a secure network it will turn off VPN that you just turned on.


Re: Norton360's Secure VPN no longer connects

I don't even remember setting this option, but thank you! It's actually working again.

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