My device get linked to old subscription

I found an offer for Norton Subscription through amazon & got it, I waited for my current subscription to end then enabled the new one in my account, so far so good, however when I try to re-install Norton on my PC to activate the subscription it get linked to the old expired subscription.

I removed my device from the old subscription & still whenever I install Norton it re-linked to the old expired subscription.

now I have an Active subscription in my Account which I can't link my devices to, any suggestions to help solve the issue appreciated.



Re: My device get linked to old subscription

On the PC that you are trying to connect to the new subscription, open the classic 360 interface by clicking on the Norton icon in the system tray and clicking on Open Norton 360. Then click on Help > Enter Product Key at the bottom right. Enter the key from your new subscription and you should be good to go.

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