Scan Error

I have been unable to complete a scan for 4 days. When I run a scan I get a “scan error”, then live update runs, then I try to scan, then I get a scan error, and the loop continues. I did an removal and reinstall, which didn’t solve the issue. Chat support replicated everything I did, and a scan stated, roughly 1 file per minute, but then I got the same error. When I contact chat support they want to redo the same process. Which has taken over 8 hours so far today. The only error message is “scan error” I am using the latest OS upgrades, and I assume the most recent version of Norton as it’s been uninstalled and reinstalled twice now, once by me and once by support. Any ideas on how to resolve this?



Re: Scan Error

Problem has resolved itself - left the computer switched off for 48 hours, re-tried to run a scan (quick and full) which (both) completed successfully

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