Super Unreliable Product!!! Multiple delays or can't approve parental consent

This Family Parental Control product is so unreliable. Multiple reinstalls, delete / add child devices (laptops) at a point of time nothing can be approved on time or none at all to my child's devices. This is already within 2 months of troubleshooting no support team ever gave a solution. The solution given reinstall have done it multiple times. Your Norton communication or server is like always lost. Whether it's my child request for approval or I use Instant School Time to enable it will not work at times too. At times I need to argue with your support team to just "listen" the problems we, the customers, are facing. Last year 2021 seems much better but this year is terrible for this product. So many approvals that are not successful and need reinstall is the only solution given. I only have 2 child devices with laptop it's horrible if more devices are used. Maybe time for me to give up and use other brands product.



Re: Super Unreliable Product!!! Multiple delays or can't approve parental consent


Sorry for the inconvenience. We are from Norton Family engineering team.

Upon analyzing the backend data, we could see that there were issues in sending time extension requests from your child devices to the Norton Family server.
Also, we could see that the issues were resolved as you had uninstalled and reinstalled the product.

If you still face the issue, we will be happy to troubleshoot over the remote session.

We have sent you a private message which has got more details for the remote session.

Norton Family Team

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