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Can someone tell me how the Norton Privacy Monitor Assistant works? 
Norton doesn't give me enough info. They say "After you submit a case, via Privacy Monitor Assistant, our Member Services & Support team will request the deletion of your information from these sites on your behalf so that you don’t have to navigate the complex opt-out process."

I don't understand the " after you submit a case". I have to tell them every 90 days to scan and search for me? If they're only scanning every 90 days, what's going on during the other days? Seems expensive that I only get 4 scans/year for $100.



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Privacy Monitor just scans the web and reports back every 3 months to say what it has found on various data broker websites. If you choose to you can then manually apply to the website owners to ask to remove your info.

Privacy Monitor Assistant is an extra charge that will do the work of applying to the websites automatically. Saves you time but costs you extra.

In either case there is no guarantee that the website owners will remove that info and of course they could just create another website with similar info about you. I think it is very annoying but in today's data hungry world this info floats from server to server so good luck with removing it. 

How Privacy Monitor Assistant works

Your exposed info is found

We scan popular data broker sites for your personal info.

You're opted out

Our Support Agents will request removal of your info for you.

You get ongoing support

Re-scanning every 90 days let's you know if your data was reposted, and we can request it to be removed.**

** Service can be used once every 90 days. You acknowledge our ability to submit a deletion request on your behalf depends on the presence of your personal information on the data broker sites we monitor. 



Re: Privacy Monitor Assistant

What is Privacy Monitor?

Opt-out your personal data from data broker sites using Privacy Monitor Assistant

Introducing Privacy Monitor Assistant from NortonLifeLock

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