Continue to malicious site

Norton should include an administrative option to prevent users from just clicking through a dangerous website warning. 

When Norton blocks a website, it presents the option to "Continue to site", basically ignoring the dangerous website warning.   I spoke to someone in Norton support chat and they said there is no administrative option to remove the "Continue to site" option at the bottom of a dangerous website warning. 

If Norton has judged the site to be dangerous, then the user should not be able to ignore the warning and just go to the dangerous website anyway.  I would like an answer as to when Norton will fix this or if there is a setting I need to change, then I would like to know how.


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Re: Continue to malicious site

I think the overriding factor here is that the user is warned and can continue if they know better. 

Obviously, it is probably wise to not continue but there are certain instances when a user will feel comfortable to go on. If Norton blocked the site completely you would have many more irate users who would claim the site is not dangerous yet they are unable to access that site.


Re: Continue to malicious site

To add an example of when you might want to continue to the site.  If the warning notes there are phishing possibilities on that site, a user could safely visit the site knowing that they should not enter any personal information anywhere on that site.

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