How do I protect my Cloud Backup files from other users?

I offered to install Norton on 2 devices of people who do not live with me.

However, I'm concerned about my backed-up files in Cloud Backup.

I don't want them to be able to see my files in the Cloud, and vice-versa (if Backup is enabled on their devices, too).

How do I protect the privacy of my files in Cloud Backup? Can I prevent them from activating and accessing Cloud Backup?

The only idea I had was to enable 2FA on the other devices, so they can't access backups online. I would presumably have access to their files too, however.



Re: How do I protect my Cloud Backup files from other users?

IIRC When first installed on a computer, the user will have to log into the online storage to be able to use the Backup feature. If the other users cannot log in because they do not have your Norton Password, you do not have to worry about anyone seeing your backups. But they will not be able to use the online Backup feature. They may still be able to use local storage, external hard drives, to make backups.

If you do decide to share the online backup storage, it will be possible for all users to access all backups that are stored in your Norton Account. There is no way to secure individual backups. Also the storage allotment is shared among all users.

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