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NIS has me locked out of my 'Documents and Settings' directory?

I'm running the NIS that came free with my new Win 7 laptop.  I am evaluating whether I want to keep it or replace it with something else.

Tonight I downloaded a compressed file (.rar) to a directory reserved for that sort of thing. NIS was running and didn't complain when I did the download.  I used WinRAR to extract the .exe file to my 'Documents and Settings' directory and BAM!!, NIS jumped all over it as a Trojan!  Now when I use Windows Explorer to go look at my files I see a little lock icon on my 'Documents and Settings' directory and I can't get past the lock to see any of my files in that directory!

Yes, NIS thinks that the file I expanded is a Trojan (it isn't, but it may look like one), but I can't see any way to tell NIS that I'll accept the risk and that it should ignore my "Trojan" file.  Also, I can't see any way to go look at any of the hundreds of other files down the directory hierarchy (behind the lock) of 'Documents and Settings'.  How can I convince NIS to unlock my 'Documents and Settings' directory and to ignore the downloaded file that triggered the Protect action in the first place?

Any advice will be greatfully received.



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Re: NIS has me locked out of my 'Documents and Settings' directory?

Windows 7 only has that folder "Documents and Settings" for compatibility reasons.  It's locked for everyone.

The location your looking for is now under Users\(username)\Documents

Replace (username) with the name of the current logged in user.


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