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Re; LSA shell (export version)


Excuse my ignorance - I am not very technically minded! I have just installed NIS on my computer. I have a performance alert that there is a "high disk write usage by LSA shell (export version).

Is this ok or do I need to do something?

I have run a full scan and also used Malwarebytes. They haven't picked anything up!




Re: Re; LSA shell (export version)

From a google search I found that LSA Shell is the "other name" of lsass.exe (Local Security Authentication Server). It should be located in C:\Windows\System32.

If it is located there, it should be everything OK. Without it Windows would have serious problems.

Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry Pro x64 Hungarian, Norton 360 v21.5.0.19

Re: Re; LSA shell (export version)

Thanks, that is where the file is.

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