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norton install stuck in initializing state since yesterday

i tried to install norton internet security 2011 yesterday,it is now stuck on the initializing ,it has not changed since i started this yesterday , about 24 hours ago,i even shut down, removed the disk,let it sit on, it wont change...i only have 2 days left on my previous subscription and still need to do this on my other computer...anyone know what to do..do i need to remove the previous version????start over, what???help!!!!!!!i hope i didnt just waste 70 hard earned dollars...i just installed for someone else the other day and it took 5 minutes but i cant do my own!!!



Re: norton install stuck in initializing state since yesterday

The installation of NIS takes but a few minutes. So if it is still not installed in under 10 minutes you can assume it is stuck and no point waiting longer.

You do not say what AV software was already installed and how if any, you removed it/them. Please advise.

Please install NOrton Removal Tool, run it,  reboot and retry NIS installation and advise.

You can use the key from the new installation to update the previous installation if the product is NIS.

You should try install on the other computers, unless your source is corrupted there is no reason that all Pc's should behave like this.


Re: norton install stuck in initializing state since yesterday

Hello hatethesnow21

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

I like your username and  I am in agreement with you.

Since you are having problems installing your NIS 2011, I would recommend that you uninstall and then reinstall. You didn't mention which version of NIS you have now before you tried installing NIS 2011.

1. Please back up your identity safe file if you use that part of the program.

2. I assume you have the new key since you mentioned having a CD for the program.

3. Please d/l NIS 2011 and save to your desktop

4. Please d/l the Norton Removal Tool to your desktop and save it. Please be aware it will delete all Norton products.

You can download the Norton Removal tool from


Please pick the proper Norton product that you want to remove. Also please be aware that it will remove all Norton products, so back up Identity Safe using the program to back that up. Also please have your product key handy.

Thank you Allen for new link

5.Please remove NIS using the control panel method and reboot. Please stay off the net from this point on.

6. Please run the removal tool 2 times with a reboot after each run of it.

7 Please run NIS 2011 that you d/led earlier. When it wants to get back on the net, let it.

8. It should ask you for your new product key. If it doesn't, click on renew and enter the key there

9. Please remember to run live update until there are no more updates and then reboot one more time.

10. Please replace your Identity Safe file that you saved earlier

11. Please run a manual full scan after you have tweaked it the way you want it to work.

Please come back and let us know how you made out. Thanks.

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