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Could Not install Norton 360 due to a current Virus on my laptop

It appears that if you have a virus, it is possible that the virus prevents you from installing any virus protection ( a bit of cart before the horse ).  Not knowing this, I purchased Norton 360 via infected machine (bad idea?).  But the virus shut down the installation every time.  Called Norton and Sam told me that you can't install virus protection on an infected machine but that a tech would be happy to assist for $99.  After I hung up I continued to look for options.  It was suggested to me to attempt to install the software in "Safe Mode with Networking".  Voila!  Worked like a charm!  Installed 360, ran the scan, eradicated the offending files, rebooted in regular mode and now the Dr. has given me a clean bill of health.




Re: Could Not install Norton 360 due to a current Virus on my laptop

Hello 99dodgeram

As a 2nd check, I would recommend that you run a full scan with the free version of Malwarebytes.. If there are any remaining files that need to be cleaned up, perhaps Malwarebytes will find them.

Download the free version, install and update then run a FULL scan. After the scan completes you should post the logs back to this thread.

You can find Malwarebytes here


It is a safer location to get the program from than malwarebytes themselves because some malware creators have large lists of sites that they block. Please be careful to down load the correct program ----the FREE version of MALWAREBYTES

(Thanks to Delph for providing the alternative site)

What was the malware that N360 found? Please come back and let us know. Thanks.

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