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Subscription renewal for 2 years?

Hello everybody.

I have a few questions about Norton online Subscription renewal. And a few more questions.

1.I have seen that there is an option for an online Subscription renewal ,but it's only for 1 year .but on the other side if I purchase a copy through the Symantec online shop then I can receive a 2 year Subscription . So my question is if there is a possibility to renew only my subscription for 2 years? 

2. If i chose to renew my subscription is there a difference from which country I purchase it from?

Currently my local Norton web site directs me to the u.k .online shop, but I would prefer to purchase it from the United States shop .myself i reside in Europe.

So is there a difference? Or it doesn't matter from which country I choose to renew my subscription? of course I refer to the Norton online shops  in either the USA or UK     (-: 

Well thanks in advance for your answers




Re: Subscription renewal for 2 years?


Re: Subscription renewal for 2 years?

 This is from nNorton:


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