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Performance Alert - High Memory Usage


I have been getting a Norton Performance Alert lately telling me that Mozilla Firefox is using high memory.  When I click on "Details and Settings", it tells me Firefox is using anywhere between 50-80 MB.  Mozilla says normal Firefox operation uses 120-150 MB?  Why is Norton alerting me to this when the memory usage seems low?  And why are these warnings all of a sudden popping up after using NIS and Firefox on this computer for years with no memory issues?




Re: Performance Alert - High Memory Usage

I don't use Firefox so I can't comment on the level of memory useage but you can torn off or modify settings, including adding Firefox to Exclusions (as I see IE is on my default settings) if you check Settings . Miscellaneous .....

I'm using Windows 7 with the speedo gadget for CPU and Mem useage so I wouldn't worry in any case unless I saw something really abnormal holding onto CPU or RAM.

Does it show the high warning all the time or only if you have Firefox open?

I just checked Processes in Task Manager and I see 3 x IE each 40 - 50 MB. I imagine that's one for each TAB I see I have open.

Just my thoughts -- hang on for some more knowledgeable folk ....

My boilerplate --


To get you the best advice, would you give us some more information about your system:

What version of Windows are you using including Service Packs and whether 32 bit or 64 bit as well as the Name and Version ID of the Norton product that you are using -- Help / About is where that is, in the format of nn.nn.nn.nnn

If you have the COMCAST version of Norton 360 / Security Suite and not the normal commercial version please be sure to tell us.

If you get any error messages please give the exact wording of them as well as any other background that could be helpful.


Re: Performance Alert - High Memory Usage

Because Norton is wrong. It gives you a warning for something it thinks is high, but it isn't. In fact, the more RAM a well-coded program uses, the better, in many cases. This lessens the amount of disk reads/writes the program has to do, which increases performance. RAM is meant to be used.

The first thing I do is turn off the "Performance" function. I've only seen it give warnings when things are just fine. In many cases, you want a high CPU or memory usage, say when you're playing a game - then you want it to use all the resources it can, or performance will take a hit. What you don't want it a program interfering in normal operations to complain about "high" system resources, when either 1) they aren't high in the first place or 2) high system resource usage is actually beneficial.

The RAM usage you describe for Firefox is perfectly normal, maybe even low if you have a lot of windows or tabs open for a long time.

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Re: Performance Alert - High Memory Usage


Your Firefox memory numbers do seem well within the low-normal range.  The Norton Performance alerts are based on the percentage of resources used, so if you are a bit shy in the RAM department it could be prompting these alerts.  How much RAM do you have installed?  Also, you may get these alerts for temporary spikes in memory use if Firefox gets especially busy with Flash content or something.

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