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product key entry

nis account will not let me enter the new product key from purchased disc



Re: product key entry


 you mean norton account or Norton application?

If its norton account then try after sometimes or try in a different browser other than IE9

If its norton application the check what is the message/ error you recieve

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Re: product key entry

hi mahlerdc - if NIS is installed, click the Renew button in the main interface and you should see a location for entering your key. if it won't install because it won't accept the key for some reason, post back some more details about what you see.



Re: product key entry

mahlerdc wrote:

nis account will not let me enter the new product key from purchased disc

Where did you buy the disk from? A retail store or online? If on line was it from a recognized Norton Dealer or from someone say on eBAY for example? We have had some reports here of bad keys from such purchases.

Please give us some more information:

To get you the best advice, would you give us some more information about your system:

What version of Windows are you using including Service Packs and whether 32 bit or 64 bit as well as the Name and Version ID of the Norton product that you are using -- Help or Support / About is where that is, in the format of nn.nn.nn.nnn

If you have the COMCAST version of Norton 360 / Security Suite and not the normal commercial version please be sure to tell us.

If you get any error messages please give the exact wording of them as well as any other background that could be helpful.

It is essential that you know that KEYs are not interchangable so if for example you buy a Standard version of Norton Internet Security you can't use it to acteivate the Netbook version .......

Please also say what internet browser you are using -- name and version number ...


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