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Restore files from Norton 360 Backup

I plan on using Norton 360 to backup files to my external hard drive. I understand that Norton 360 does a full backup of the selected files and then does a daily backup of new or changed files. When I wish to restore a file, will I need to know when it was created or last changed?



Re: Restore files from Norton 360 Backup

Hi JudyW,

Thanks for your usage of N360 Backup! First to answer your question, you dont want to know the date of creation or last modified for the files you want to restore. For restoring the files please do the following,

1. If you have N360 installed in your PC, you can use the Restore Files option available in the Main window >> Backup pillar and then you can select the destination drive as your Ext HDD and select the files you need to restore to the required drive.

2. If you don't have N360 installed in your PC, please use the ARestore.exe available in your Ext HDD (this would be written at the time of backup by N360) for restoring the files.

Hope this helps!



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