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Error Code 8504, 104

Abbreviated version

-Norton 360 Premier v5.0.0.125 on Windows 7 SP1 32-bit

-Error code 8504, 104 and "Symantec System Framework" has stopped working when running a full reputation scan

-System tray icon disappears, but auto-protect still seems to function

-Cannot uninstall/reinstall because I have only 1 installation left on my account

Full Version

Just yesterday, I removed a lot of bloatware/bundled stuff. I was running a full system reputation scan. All of a sudden, a Windows Error window says that the Symantec Service Framework has stopped and Windows must close it. The Norton System tray icon disappears. The auto-protect is still working, as I tested it with an EICAR test string, but I am unable to open Norton. I restart it and perform another reputation scan to see if it is the problem, and it happens again. I restart, but this time log into an admin account and perform the rep scan. No error this time, but a window saying N360 has encountered a new error, 8504, 104. It scans it, but is unable to find the error and directs me to a short troubleshooting page that tells me to turn off UAC and restart the computer. I restart the computer for the third time and the error seems to have stopped, as I am now able to run scans without it freezing. I check the security history and there was no entry of the error, but the EICAR test file was blocked when the system tray icon disappeared, so auto-protect was still working. I have read that people often times need to uninstall N360 and re-install it, but I have only 1 installation left my current N360. I upgraded from v4 to v5 a few months backand have used N360 since 2006 (I think). I am no longer encountering this error, but will it come back? What happened?

Thanks guys


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Re: Error Code 8504, 104

Hi Mukmu,

Here is a KB article that outlines how to deal with this issue:


Reinstalling your program on the same computer does not use up any additional activations.  In the event that an activation is mistakenly deducted you can contact Customer Support and have it reapplied to your account.


Re: Error Code 8504, 104

An 8504,104, without knowing any specific details about your PC, can insinuate that there may be something malicious on the computer blocking Norton's components from working properly, especially if the Auto-Protect (SONAR) is unable to be activated.  In conjunction with the error, if you're getting a Symantec Framwork Error as well, that may mean that Norton's dependency on Windows' own framework may be interrupted or shaky.

As SendOfJive suggested, try uninstalling/reinstalling the Norton program via the Norton Removal Tool first (http://www.symantec.com/nrt) and redownload the program from http://www.norton.com/nis11 and see if that does the trick.  If not, go to the following website and download and run Norton Power Eraser:


If you're able to, burning and booting to the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool via a DVD to run a pre-boot scan may be a good idea too.  Also look into downloading Malware Bytes and running a scan with that.

Let us know how it goes!


Re: Error Code 8504, 104

I restarted a few times (3 times I think) without turning off UAC. But now it works and no new problems have come up hopefully.

Re: Error Code 8504, 104

@LouisN: I mentioned auto-protect was working even without the system tray icon-I tested it with an EICAR string and access to the file was denied. I just performed a full system scan yesterday and my ritual of quick scan and quick reputation scan (all clean!) and it froze only when performing a full reputation scan. A few restarts somehow fixed the problem though, as I can run full rep scans.

I remember I got an 8504, 104 a while back when some LiveUpdates failed, but the issue fixed itself.

Also, not too often, but quite a few times, when performing scans, I get that Symantec System Framework error where Norton windows are greyed out and frozen, but it unfreezes in a few seconds. This event was scary because the system tray icon disappeared and I couldn't reopen Norton without restarting claiming that it had an internal error.

What causes 8504, 104 errors? Why does the Symantec Framework not play well with Windows sometimes?

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