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Anybody come across AmIcoSinglun?

Hi I am a very nervous person where security is concerned. When I first downloaded Norton 360 4.0 I had something appear in my taskbar called AmIcoSinglun. I assumed it was a Norton addition. Since then I have searched on this and it appears to be some kind of undetectable malware.But the info that I have found is confusing and a little contradictory. see below:

Amicosinglun.exe Description

Amicosinglun.exe is a totally rogue anti-spyware program that just like many other rogue programs, every time this fake software infects your computer, it will reports false threats and displays fake security alerts on your PC to convince you that your computer is infected with malware. Amicosinglun.exeis promoted and installed through the use of Trojans and often comes bundled with other malicious software and its purpose is only to try to convince you to purchase its commercial version for removal of infections which don't exist. Once you find this fake program in your computer, you should remove Amicosinglun.exe and all associated threats as soon as possible!

 You can detect and remove Amicosinglun.exe manually, or automatically. The approach you choose is based on your own comfort and computer skill level. However, for most common PC users, we do not recommend you do this manually.

The reason is that, if unfortunately this fake software is in your PC, it will start automatically every time you login to Windows, and then scan your machine and state that there are a lot of infections on it, but you should not remove them. For these infections this rogue program reports are all fake, and the files it reports are infected are actually legitimate Windows software. Therefore please do not manually delete any of the files it states are infections as it may cause your Windows operating system to not operate properly.

How to Get Rid of Amicosinglun.exe safely and easily?

A powerful and updated anti-virus program is very important and effective to remove Amicosinglun.exe and all associated threats! Free download Spyware Remover now to remove Amicosinglun.exe and all other rogue applications such as AntiSpyware Soft, Security Tool, Security Toolbar and Sysinternals Antivirus, etc now to protect your computer and make it run faster and virus free!

I'm surprised as I believed my full blown version of Norton 360 would have detected this. It does say on the pack of my CD it blocks viruses, spyware, trojan horses, worms, bots and rootkits. Nothing has happened but my nerves are on edge. I did a PC health check but it did not detect any viruses.

With identities being stolen all the time paranoia has struck me big time!!

Does anyone know how to get rid of it or has any info on this or do I follow the above info I don't want to damage my files? help, help, help.  It is so difficult to know who to believe; that's why I have visited this forum.


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Re: Anybody come across AmIcoSinglun?

From what I can determine from a quick Google search this may be the driver for the Alcor Micro USB Card Reader.  Check your system to see if you have this installed.  When you say something appeared on your taskbar, did you mean an icon, or did you get a toaster popup - perhaps Norton informing you about something having to do with the file?


Re: Anybody come across AmIcoSinglun?

Yes it is an icon on the taskbar.

I went into the Control Panel to look at the list of programs there and found that the AmIcoSinglun.exe is a program created by the publisher Alcor Micro. Never had a prompt from Norton about this.

Still don't know what that means and whether I should just be deleting it. I am not very savvy with things that I have not installed myself.

I will look up the publishers and see what this is about.

Thank you for your help.


Re: Anybody come across AmIcoSinglun?

If it is a legitimate program, Norton will not prompt about it.  If you delete it, you may lose the function in the card reader.  Perhaps make a call to the manufacturer of your machine for more information.

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