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Virus Definition live update won't download

I have spoken to many Norton techs about my live updates - especially the virus definition not downloading.  I spoke with someone the night before last and he told me he had it fixed and I was secure; and could he close my complaint.  I was so grateful I said yes.  I tried to run the updates only to find that they still will not load.  I keep running them and restarting the computer over and over again.  I am now upset because he said he had me fixed and I am not.



Re: Virus Definition live update won't download

Make sure that your system date and time is correct. If it is not, please correct it and then run LiveUpdate.

If the sate and time is correct, then download and run the Intelligent Updater from the following support article and then run LiveUpdate.


If you still have the problem, then you need to find out the LiveUpdate error. Use the following support articles to find out the LiveUpdate error:



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