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The Lenovo update program uses the UTS.EXE program in their update process.  When I trried to run the Lenovo update program it was blocked by Norton Internet Security "SONAR has removed a ssecurity risk UTS.EXE."  This prevented the Lenovo update program from running.  Why?


Accepted Solution

Re: uts.exe

This can happen from time to time.  Sonar has to be very sensitive to files performin certain actions.  If the file is in quarantine, you can restore it, add it to scan and sonar exclusions, and also forward it to Symantec so they can update their definitions.

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Re: uts.exe


Just my 2 cents

Tech magazine "chip" had a small bit of information regarding how multiple AV`s were detecting Lenovo`s update software as adware.

some people even allege Lenovo of Bundling Adware with their computers.


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