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Restore Identity Safe

All I have for data is .dat files  IDDStore and IDDStore_bak

The import asked for a .npm .

I no longer have the original computer - it died.

Can I restore or import.

I have the latest NIS.




Re: Restore Identity Safe

Hi macsrods,

Welcome to Norton Communtiy!

Can you please give us the following info.

1. Version of NIS from which you have got those two files.

2. OS and Service pack.

3. The version of NIS you want to restore those files to.




Re: Restore Identity Safe

NIS I had Norton set to auto update so I am guessing th elatest - the computer died a few days ago.

SP 2, I'll get to 3 soon

I the ncurrent verson of NIS is 18.6.29

the issue is I only have .dat no .npm files

thanks M

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Re: Restore Identity Safe

Hello macsrods,

Since you have the IdentitySafeDataStore files on hand, please try this

  1. Be sure your Folder Options are set to "Show hidden files and folders".
  2. Expand the folders IdentitySafeDataStore > S-1-5-21-.... and copy just the contents of the S-1-5-21 .... folder to a new folder in a convenient location. (Inside the folder you should see an IDDStore file and an IDDStore_bak file along with a number of favicons - copy all)

To restore the Identity Safe Data:

  1. If you have not done so already, create an Identity Safe profile on the new installation.  Do not import any IE logins.
  2. Search for and locate the IdentitySafeDataStore on your new installation and make a note of it.
    In windows 7 x 64 the location is: C:\ProgramData\Norton\{0C55C096-....}\NIS_18.x.. or N360_4.x..\IdentitySafeDataStore\S-1-5-21-....
  3. Restart your computer in Safe Mode.
  4. Navigate to the new IdentitySafeDataStore\S-1-5-21 .... folder.
  5. Delete any content in the S-1-5-21 .... folder.
  6. Paste the previously copied individual contents into the S-1-5-21 .... folder.
  7. Restart your computer in regular mode.

Check your identity Safe to see if it now displays your data. If so, I highly recommend Backing up your Identity Safe Data right now.

[Portions courtesy of Thalir, SendOfJive, AllenM and yogesh_mohan]

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Re: Restore Identity Safe

I did wat you said

remember all I have is 2 dat files ,IDDStore_bak.dat and IDDStore_.dat. The old hard drve is gone.

It asked for my paassword - I use the same password all the  timeon NIS.

It asked if I wanted to create an account

It did not restore any of  my passwords.

WIll this restore work with only those 2 files.

If not is there any way to import , or even export the data  to text

I am reallly stuck bad without all those ids and passwords



Re: Restore Identity Safe


After performing step 7 of Phil_D's post, and after rebooting in normal mode, were you able to login to your Identity Safe profile with your old password?

If not what was the error messge shown when trying to login?




Re: Restore Identity Safe

There was no error , it asked for a login , it was not the PW I expected, checked hint, logged into an empty card logins flile

How big should these dat file be?




Re: Restore Identity Safe

Hi macsrods,

Did you follow Phil_D's post step by step?

it is very important that you first set up ID safe on your new installation as outlined in step # 1 from Phil.

Did you then boot into SAFE mode as mentioned in step #3? Were you able to copy the contents of your old .dat files to your current Norton installation folder?

If you have gotten this far then you should be able to restart in normal mode and log in with your old password.

Another option to replace step #3 is to disable Norton Product Tamper Protection in Misc Settings and log out of ID safe and turn OFF ID safe. Then try to copy the files as explained by Phil.

As to how big the .dat files should be, this really depends on how many logins, cards, etc that you have. It should definitely be more than a few KB in size.

Also, can you please confirm which version of Windows you have? You mentioned SP 2 in one post. Is this Windows Vista or Windows XP?

Best wishes.


Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1, 64 bit, 32 GB * NIS Vers.* Ghost 15 * IE 9, Firefox, Safari. Test laptop with W7 Home Premium 64 bit * NIS Vers.

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