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NIS 2007 for Windows 7

Hi there

I have problem with installing NIS 2007 on W7.

Tried to install it but there is a problem with compatibility.

On website is written for me as a Subcribed user there is free upgrade to compatible version of NIS.

Downloaded NIS 2011 , logged into my account and there was written I need to activate (and pay) for new version of NIS.

Why do they offer free update for me and then ask me to buy new product ?

What will be with my license for 3 computers ?

Any solution ?

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solution
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Re: NIS 2007 for Windows 7

Hi Rhianon,

You shouldn't need to pay for a new license, but you may need to activate the new product with the current valid Product Key from your version of NIS 2007.  First, though, run the Subscription Status Check by clicking Support > Subscription Status on the main Norton window.  Check if the number of days remaining on your subscription is correct, as shown at the bottom of the Norton screen.  If so, you are done.  If not, click "Renew" and enter your current Product Key in the space provided and click the small arrow to submit the key. 


Re: NIS 2007 for Windows 7

All sorted ... thanks for your help


Re: NIS 2007 for Windows 7

You're welcome.

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