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How to transfer Norton Products to a new computer

My older windows XP dell laptop stopped working. My Noton's subscriptions to Internet Security and Systems Works don't expire until April 2012. I followed Norton's guidlines to transfer these products to my new laptop (Windows 2007 system). Screen says downloads are not available.  Any suggestions? I was unable to locate any link that would allow me to talk with customer support.  Would my upgrade in operatinf systems (XP to Windows 2007) be causing a problem?  Thanks for any guidance.



Re: How to transfer Norton Products to a new computer

Hello gary28 and welcome to the Community.  Are you trying to transfer NIS2011 or an earlier version?  The only thing I can think of is your NIS copy is a one user/one PC license and is still linked to the old Dell and it will not let you install on another PC.  I would suggest you use this U.S./Canada link to the Norton On-Line Chat service.  You may need to scroll down a little bit, to see the Chat Now button.  Most responses say they are good and fast, at solving account problems.   Let them know about your copy of System Works also.  If they are able to help you, and you need help with the install of NIS, come back and let us know.  Help is out there..  


Re: How to transfer Norton Products to a new computer


Please also note that Norton discontinued Systemworks some time ago ..... partly because of not updating it for subequent versions of Windows so I'm sure you can't install it on Windows 7. Some of the features are in Norton Utiliies which is updated or the "engines" of NIS are contained in Norton 360 together with some utilities of the type in NSW/NU ....

You may want to think about this (I see one of the main street stores has NIS 2011 for $20 and Norton Utilites for $0 after various mail in rebates and N360 is often on sale) and we have reports from time to time that the Norton OnLine CUstomer Support via the CHAT route as mentioned already will help people upgrading by transferring unexpired time on an existing version to a newer one, especially when going to a "higher level" .....

Here's the sort of information that helps us help you ....

To get you the best advice, would you give us some more information about your system:

What version of Windows are you using including Service Packs and whether 32 bit or 64 bit as well as the Name and Version ID of the Norton product that you are using -- Help or Support / About is where that is, in the format of nn.nn.nn.nnn where n is a number.

If you get any error messages please give the exact wording of them as well as any other background that could be helpful. 

Please also say what internet browser you are using -- name and version number ...

And since most new new PCs come with some sort of trial installation of security software we need to know what came on your new PC and if you removed it how you did so since in addition to the normal Windows Uninstaller each "brand" of security software often has its own clean up tool to run afterwards .... and we can point you to that.


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