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Delete backup files

I am in process of deleting old backups that I created using Norton 360. In doing this I noticed that I was NOT reclaiming any of the space used on my external backup drive. I explored and found that although I had deleted the main file name, that data file backups for that date were still on the file.  I started then to delete each backup file individually (my only option I think) but the process is taking hours.  Is this normal?  Does anyone now a shortcut on how to delete old data files from old backup files?




Re: Delete backup files

Hello JohninTX

There are no shortcuts as such to delete the old back up files. At times it takes more time when you attempt to delete a huge file.

For deleting the old backup files you can try any of the below methods:

Go to Manage Backup Sets from Main UI>>Backup pillar. In that go to Where tab and select the destination where you have the backed up files. Click on 'Delete back up files...' link available at the bottom of this window. It will list all the back up sets you have made in the past in that particular destination. Select your required backup set and click OK. This will list all the files which are backed up in that particular backup set. Here you can select your required files and click on 'Delete Selected'.

Instead, you can go to the Norton Drive(available with my computers) and traverse to your destined backup set and select the files you want to delete by right click>Delete.

For finding out when you have ran your last backup, please go to the Summary tab in the Manage backup UI, and select your required backup set name in the Backup Set Name drop down. Once you select that, the 'Last Run' will give you the date and time of that particular backup set previously run.

Hope this info helps you



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