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HELP putting norton 360 onto laptop with no cd rom

Hello i bought norton 360 and used 2 downloads on other computers but i would like to know how to put the other download on another laptop which has no CD rom to put it in. I heard you can download it off a USB but how do you get it onto the USB?? Thanks.


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Re: HELP putting norton 360 onto laptop with no cd rom

Hi barbarawiles1,

Depending on the edition (Standard or Premier) and on the version (normal/regular or netbook) of Norton 360 you have got, you can download the latest installation package from the appropriate link below and save it to a USB drive (if you have set your browser options to ask you where to save the installer, then you can choose your USB drive; otherwise you can simply move the installer to your USB drive):

"Normal" versions:

Norton 360 Standard Edition version 5

Norton 360 Premier Edition version 5

Netbook versions:

Norton 360 version 5 Netbook Edition Standard:

Norton 360 version 5 Netbook Edition Premier:

Please note that you cannot use the product key of a "normal" Norton 360 for a netbook edition, or a Standard version product key for a Premier version - the product keys are not interchangeable within the various editions.

You will also need your Norton 360 product key to activate Norton 360 when you have installed it on your laptop. You can find the product key on the CD sleeve or in your Norton account. After installation, please run LiveUpdate at once in order to get all the latest updates.

Finally, make sure to remove any preinstalled antivirus software from your laptop before installing Norton 360 :-)

Your Norton Ladybug.

Re: HELP putting norton 360 onto laptop with no cd rom

Barbara -

If you have created a Norton Account, this is a VERY simple issue to resolve.  Go to the following link and sign-in.  Once there, you can find the N360 you want to install and click the download button to the right.  This will get you installed again with the same key and subscription as your other machines.


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