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How to register Norton 360

I have Norton 360 version 4.0 on my XP computer which I had purchased on CD from a store.  I recently purchased Norton 360 version 5.0  on CD from a store. 

Of course, there are the usual problems installing a newer version.  I was instruction to use the Norton Removal Tool, which I downloaded.  The Removal Tool's instructions say to register my product key.  So I go to my Norton account where I see the 4.0 version.  But I cannot figure out how to register the 5.0 version.  I cannot start it as the instructions say because I cannot get it installed. 

So I seem to be in a catch-22.  I need to install 5.0 to run the removal tool.  But I need to run the removal tool to install 5.0.

Any ideas?



Re: How to register Norton 360


I assume you found a description where you can update to the latest version during the subscription time, as you can update to the latest versions always freely.

But in your situation you  just need to remove the old version, and then install the new one. And during activation you will be able to register the new key.

Here's a step by step tutorial to do the upgrade:
1. If you use the feature, please backup your Identity Safe data (Settings -> Identity Protection -> Backup)
2. Download latest Norton 360 installer (only the one you have a license for):
- www.norton.com/n360s_5 Standard with 2GB Online Storage
- www.norton.com/n360p_5 Premier with 25GB Online Storage
- www.norton.com/n360sne_5 Standard Netbook Edition with 2GB Online Storage
- www.norton.com/n360pne_5 Premier Netbook Edition with 25GB Online Storage
- for other languages than English please go to the Norton Update Center: www.norton.com/nuc
3. Download Norton Removal Tool: www.norton.com/nrt
4. Disconnect from internet
5. Remove the old Norton 360 version from Start Menu or from Control Panel -> Add or Remove programs
6. Reboot
7. Run the Norton Removal Tool, reboot (repeat it 2-3 times)
8. Install Norton 360 version 5 with the downloaded installer
9. Reconnect to the internet
10. Activate Norton 360 version 5 with the new subscription key
11. Run Live Update until you get no new updates
12. Restore your Identity Safe data (Settings ->Identity Protection -> Restore)

You can check how the Norton Removal Tool works in this video.

Let us know the results.

Windows 10 Hungarian, Norton Internet Security v22.9.0.71

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