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how do i fully uninstall norton???

hello, i bought a windows 7 laptop with norton internet security preinstalled, i prefer to use a differant antivirus, but i was wondering about uninstalling norton, i was readin on the internet that it is a long procedure, deleating files manually, and deleting things from the registry which is something im not comfortable doing myself.  i also heard that their are tools for removing norton thru syminac but i could not find any for windows 7. any help with this would be greatly appriciated. thank you


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Re: how do i fully uninstall norton???

Running the installer should remove most everything. There is the Norton Removal Tool which will remove any additional files. Instructions are located here: https://www-secure.symantec.com/norton-support/jsp/help-solutions.jsp?docid=20080710133024en&lg=english&ct=united+states&product=home&version=1&pvid=f-home&entsrc=redirect_pubweb&layout=retail&actstat=activated&substatus=current&ncoap=1&partner=&ispid=&sitename=&ncoap=1

We do encourage you to try it out before uninstalling, but if you still want to use the other anti-virus just follow instructions above.

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Re: how do i fully uninstall norton???

Hello westsyde

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

We do hope you will stay with us, but if you do want to remove your Norton product, this is what we recommend to do. Pleaase have your other security program on the desktop so that you won't get infected by being unprotected.  We recommend that you first uninstall using the control panel method and then reboot. Then run the removal tool 2 times with  a reboot after each run of it.. You can then do a search for any left over folders if you find any. Then you should be good to go to your other product.

What you found on the net about Norton being difficult to remove may have been true years ago, but the recent versions are removed   quite easily if you do it the proper way. We do hope you will give us a try since it is a free trial, but we are not pressuring you to stay with us either. If you have any problems in removing the program, please come back to us and we will try to help you further. Thanks.

Here is the removal tool.

You can download the Norton Removal tool from


Please pick the proper Norton product that you want to remove. Also please be aware that it will remove all Norton products, Thank you Hugh for new link

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Re: how do i fully uninstall norton???

floplot wrote:.
..... You can then do a search for any left over folders if you find any. Then you should be good to go to your other product..

Hi westsyde,

If you follow all of floplot's instructions, then I think it should work in your case.  Most of the problem cases arise when a user has had the PC for some time and has previously installed/uninstalled one or more other security products on trial, with some of the de-installations being incomplete and leaving files around that conflict with the Norton Removal Tool.

The Norton Removal Tool should remove all of the Norton executable files, like .exe, .dll, .sys files, etc.  However, the Removal Tool will not remove all files.  The ones that remain should only be static, inert files like log files, text files, readme files, history files, .dat files, etc.  These files do not really need to be removed because they are essentially inert and will not conflict with your subsequent installation of any new antivirus product.  If you want to go ahead and manually delete them, you could, but it may not really be necessary.

One thing I might mention, though, is that I think one of the Norton files that will remain on the disk is the log file of your Norton Removal Tool session.  Before you start deleting all Norton-related files on your disk (if you decide to do that), you might first check the folders for log files, because these log files might give you information on whether your Norton Removal Tool session was in fact successful and error-free.  On my system (WIndows XP), these kinds of log files are stored in a location like:

 C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Norton?????? \Logs\

So after you have done your second run of NRT and rebooted your PC, then you could try to find the relevant log to see if the run was in fact  error-free.

Please let us know how things turn out.  If you have any difficulties, there will be people here on the forum like floplot who can help you.


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