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NIS 2012-How to scan a single file

Newbie question:

Is there a context menu item that allows me to scan single files?

There are 2 items in my context menu (Insight Networkscan, Norton File info)

These two items donot report files to be suspicious or infected.

I know I have to:

1.launch the NIS main menu

2.select scan

3.select manual scan

4.select the file or folder

By doing so, NIS detected/deleted 2 files/virusses, which it didn't using the context menu items,

i.e. for scanning purposes those items are less useful.





Re: NIS 2012-How to scan a single file


Welcome to the forum,

If you wish to do a short scan of a specific file try out using the context menu for the folder where the file resides, you will see the "scan now" after hovering over "Norton Internet Security" on your right click context menu when viewing any folder.

As you have already discovered this option does not show for a single file

I think you will find this method to be very fast and effective

Let us know if you need more help or if this is off the mark on your question

Thanks -- Bill

Windows 10 pro SP1 64bit

Re: NIS 2012-How to scan a single file

Hello again,


I did not realise this - being used to separate context menu item "Scan for viruses" when selecting either a folder or file.

That said, I noticed that the 'Scan now' option shows up when I select a folder, but selecting a  _file_ when hoovering over

Norton Internet Security, there is an entry "Insight Network Scan" only.


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Re: NIS 2012-How to scan a single file


Re: NIS 2012-How to scan a single file


Well, as said in my 1st post, the Insight Network Scan didn't report anything. Though I knew there was a virus in it, so I proceeded by manual scan and only then the virus was detechted.

Well anyway ...



Re: NIS 2012-How to scan a single file

Sorry, I skimmed over your first post and missed that.


Re: NIS 2012-How to scan a single file

Somewhere else on the forum it is suggested that it is the "Insight Scan"  which is then to be understood as the 'traditional scan' of a single file.

The worrying thing is that the Insight Scan did nót report any viruses on the single file. However, doing a manual scan (from the main menu), thén NIS reports a virus.

That's the thing I was puzzled about.

BTW: I cud even un-rar the infected file but NIS did not alarm me.

(Unrar to a folder named after the file)

NIS running pretty much default settings on Win7 x64.


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