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How do I Restore Ghost Image to a new Hard Drive

My current laptop hard drive is too small.   I've ordered a new larger hard drive.  I've created an image of my C: drive (Windows 7) on an external USB 2.0 Passport hard drive using Ghost v15.

I'm unclear what I need to do to copy the Ghost image to the new hard drive.  Questions:

   1)  Does the new drive need to first be partitioned?   If yes, I think I can accomplish this by installing the drive in my laptop and booting from a bootable DVD containing Partition Wizard.   Sound right?

   2) Does it need to first be formatted?   If yes, how do I do this?

Any tips would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.



Re: How do I Restore Ghost Image to a new Hard Drive


The new hard drive need not be partitioned, unless you have a specific need to do so.  This document will help you in restoring the backup to your new hard drive.

The new hard drive need not be formatted, Norton Ghost will do this while restoring the backup image.

Let us know if you need any further help on this.



Re: How do I Restore Ghost Image to a new Hard Drive

You do not need to partition or format the drive. Ghost will do it for you. Make sure when you do the recovery to the new drive that the 100MB SRP is the first partition and marked active. Then you may resize the drive to fill unallocated space or you can do it from Disc Management once you are in booted into Windows.

Interesting reading before you actually start...



Again, make sure the System Reserved Partition is first. There is a bug in Ghost 15 that sometimes reverses the partition order.

Good luck ! Post back if you get stuck.

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