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Norton Toolbar for Opera


I were wondering if Norton will ever support Opera, and would it be possible for Norton to provide support for Opera through LiveUpdate? I also wanted to know if my security would be compromised if I were to use Opera 11.51 since Norton doesn't support it?

Note: Please excuse my poor english.



Re: Norton Toolbar for Opera


at the moment we do not know if a Toolbar will be for Opera. We will see it in the next version's beta test only :).

About the protection: you only don't have the toolbar and the browser plugins in Opera, all other technologies are protecting you incl. SONAR, Insight technologies, Firewall and Auto-Protect.

Windows 10 Hungarian, Norton Internet Security v22.9.0.71

Re: Norton Toolbar for Opera

Hi Anonymous

Welcome to Norton community Forum.

Thanks for the post ,as of now we don't support Opera .




Re: Norton Toolbar for Opera

What a pity, because then I could install Opera as my default browser. Please make it available for Opera.

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