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How To Enable Norton Toolbar in Google Chrome?

I decided to switch back to Google Chrome for my default browser.  However, upon re-installation I noticed that the Norton icon is no longer in the top right hand corner.  I tried restarting my computer, and even uninstalling and reinstalling again, and still nothing.

How can I get Norton Toolbar to work with Google Chrome?  I thought it was supposed to automatically appear once the browser is installed.

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (SP1) - Mozilla Firefox 7.x - Norton Internet Security 2012Norton Anti-Theft 1.0 - Norton Utilities 15 - Norton Online Backup (100 gb)


Accepted Solution
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Re: How To Enable Norton Toolbar in Google Chrome?

Hi Eric,

First please check under the chrome extensions to see if the toolbar is enabled.

Please check this at two places:

1.Chrome://extensions-- here if the toolbar is displayed and if it says disabled, please enable it from there.

Also if you use incognito mode of Chrome, just check even that box from the extensions page.

2.If suppose if its not disaplayed in the extensions, we will have to check first if the Norton Toolbar extension folder is available in the path: %appdata%\local\google\chrome\user data\default\extensions\mk..\2012.1.1.10_0- This folder should be available.

Check if this is present.

If the extension folder is present and if its not shown in the browser or the folder is present but the version is not 2012.1.1.10, just edit this from running the registry editor.

HKLM\Software\WOWnode\Google\Chrome\Extensions\<mk…>-- edit the version to 2012.1.1.10

Close and reopen the browser and repeat step 1 and then let us know if the toolbar is enabled.




Re: How To Enable Norton Toolbar in Google Chrome?

Can you please tell me when the toolbar will be compatible when using Norton 360?

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