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Resolved Security Risk issue

Hi there, just having an extremely annoying issue with 360 at the moment.

I downloaded a file which "Download Insight" deemed to be a medium threat. Which it is not. It says the threat is "WS.Reputation.1".

File Insight says "This threat has been removed" - "No further action is needed". Status says "Removed".

Now, I go to "Options" for this particular file thinking I could just recover it like I have to do with so many other files that SONAR deems a threat (once again, they are not).

I find that there is NO "Recover" option and only "Remove from history" or "Submit to Symantec".

I want this file back as it's 400Mb and my internet usage quota is getting a little tight.

Some help would be great.


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Re: Resolved Security Risk issue


this will be a false positive detection, but unfortunately with a file so big (400MB) the product will not move it to the quarantine. :(

What you can do is create a SONAR exclusion for a folder where you would download the file, and this way SONAR will not catch it.

Also please report Symantec the false positive detection: https://submit.symantec.com/false_positive/

In the details fiels include the download link.

Let us know the results.

Windows 10 Hungarian, Norton Internet Security v22.9.0.71
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Re: Resolved Security Risk issue

Hey mate, thanks heaps for all the help. I went and downloaded the file again but I turned off Antivirus Auto Protect this time. The folder exclusion idea is pure gold. Never knew I could do that. That will solve most of my issues!

Cheers mate and once again, thanks for all the help.

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