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Error 3040,20011

I keep getting Error 3040,20011 and my Norton has a red X on it in the tray icon. There's a message saying "your pc is not protected from intrusion attempts.".

I did all the steps required. I updated many times. I restarted my PC many times. I fixed one of two errors but the last error doesn't want to go away. My PC is not protected from intrusion it says.

How do I overcome this problem?



Re: Error 3040,20011

Hi, Crow77,

Have you removed and reinstalled your Norton product? There are several situations that can lead to this condition, like installing one security product over another, and it's easily resolved by doing a clean install.

You will not have to pay for the program again, and your subscription days will automatically be recognized when you reinstall this way. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Export your Identity Safe cards/credentials to your desktop if you've set these up, so you'll be able to import them back in when your clean install is complete.
  2. Make sure that you have set up (and can still access) your Norton Account, and that your current Norton 360 subscription is showing under the "Products" tab, with a big yellow "Download" button at right; this is how you will reinstall your Norton product and have it linked automatically to your subscription.
  3. From Windows Control Panel, use the Add/Remove Programs function to uninstall your Norton 360. This will disconnect all your critical system drivers from your security product so they aren't deleted by the next step. reboot your computer when this is complete.
  4. Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to ensure a complete uninstall of your existing Norton product. This is necessary because of the extent to which a security package needs to have its tendrils deeply intertwined throughout the Operating System to do its job, and will clean up debris Windows leaves behind that may interfere with proper operation of your Norton product.
  5. Once the Norton Removal Tool has finished, reboot your computer again, and immediately log back into your Norton Account and click that big yellow Download button. Remember, until you do this, you are temporarily without your Norton protection.

This last step will reinstall Norton 360 and link it automatically to your existing subscription. You should now be back in business, protected by "the speed and power of Norton!"

Please let us know how this works out. We're here to support you until you can click that "Accept as Solution" button!


Re: Error 3040,20011

Thank you Disted for your feedback. How do I know you are an official Norton/Symantec representative?

So, basically I just need to make sure that I can access my Norton Account (e-mail/password) and make sure I have the yellow Download button there (it's there). Then I uninstall Nortan.. Restart.. then run a program called Norton Removal Tool. Then restart again. Then redownload Norton again and install it?

Did I get it right?


Re: Error 3040,20011

Your summary is correct.

And I'm NOT an official Norton/Symantec representative. I'm just another user like you (with over twenty years using Norton products) who volunteers his time here to help others in our community.

Your assurance that my advice tends to be pretty good is over there on the right side of your screen, where you'll see that quite a few OTHERS in our community have found it so. You'll occasionally see a Symantec employee there too, as they do actively participate in these forums--but MOST of us are volunteers.

Welcome to our community :-)

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