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Block Zedo Pop-up

Dear Forum.

Is there a tool to prevent zedo from running upon log in,

not sure how it installed can Norton 360 block or remove this


    There should be a law giants this memory hog from being installed

when you read your local new page.




Re: Block Zedo Pop-up

Unfortunately, Zedo appears to fall under the category of "adware," or "Potentially Unwanted Programs" (PUPs). Norton is not very aggressive against these, perhaps because they are not technically malware (just annoying as hell), and some courts have held that for them to be blocked or removed by an anti-malware program like Norton can constitute defamation if the vendor can show (1) lack of directly malicious effect, and (2) presence of an aguable reason why someone might want them installed.

A Wikipedia entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zedo) cautions against trying the company's "opt-out" feature, saying it just makes the ads unpredictable and redundant. This casts in doubt any potential solution offered by the company itself.

Spybot Seach & Destroy will evidently quarrantine the adware but is notoriously incompatible with Norton due to its real-time scanning, and often results in the need to remove your Norton product completely and reinstall it  from scratch.

I have found what appears to be an effective means of killing the thing, on a tech assistance site called "PC Hell" (which I have seen before, but do not know how reputable it's considered). All other sites offering instructions for removing Zedo seem to trace to this page--which requires you be comfortable with manually editing your Registry (a fairly risky process).

If anyone here can vouch for PC Hell, the instructions page for removing Zedo is here:


I would be hesitant about using this before someone with more direct knowledge vouches for the site.

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Re: Block Zedo Pop-up

Superantispyware free version is also quite effective against this sort of nuisance.  Empty your internet caches, and temp files.  Check add-ons to make sure that you have not downloaded it by mistake.


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Re: Block Zedo Pop-up

You may want to install an uninstaller (such as COMODO Programs Manager, free) and uninstall it that way.  Additionally, you may want to check the list of installed programs to see if there are any others you don't want/use.

Norton may ignore PUPs but there are other products that don't.  (Personally, if it isn't fully disclosed and I didn't ask for it--deceptive--it is malware, lawyers or not.)

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Accepted Solution

Re: Block Zedo Pop-up

Dear Norton COM.

  I had a copy of spyware blaster on my second computer, it prevents it from loading to the pc by blocking the site.

Ive used Comodo's free service before, and due to my limitied computer skills it works very well

but it can along with removing the offending item you may remove the essential software its loaded or attached

to this can cause that windows software to announce it has a broken link to that service that was removed.

That can only be repaired by a wipe and re-install why I stopped using Comodo paid service, got tired of asking

them to log in and fix the broken link and after several tries end up wiping the pc anyway. So commodo is great

if you know what your doing just don't wipe everything .hehe

   Spyblaster is free but you must update manually thats ok for me and it dosen't use resources or tick of

Norton the way those other two do (adware se ,spybot.) both are active in the back ground watching for a intrusion.

 My hospital HIS use adware to clean cookies and spyware its good but that scan takes a whie and uses memory

similar to a defrag program, Spyware Blaster seems to block the intrusion (like its on your Blocked List) no popups

no activity it just blocks all known spyware upfront.

  Thanks for all the help it reminded me about my spyware blaster option,

Note they don't pay me money its free ware unless you select auto-update, it works silently to block all spyware without

using your resources

Doug   Thanks again

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