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Need Help with Virus

I have a virus it is called ilivid and Norton is not finding it, I have done a full scan and norton showed there are no virus. Can any one help me . Not sure how to get rid of it. 

I have always used Norton and have never had a problem till now.

Thanks, Mario



Re: Need Help with Virus

Hey and welcome to Norton Community.

Which Norton products and version are you using on your computer.(Norton Internet Security or Norton Antivirus).

What operating system are you using and do you have the latest updates and Service Packs on your computer.

What security program did you use to detect this threat/virus on your computer?

Have you tried Norton Power Eraser, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Superantispyware to remove the threat from your computer?

Here are the links to these Security Programs.

Norton Power Eraser:


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:




If you still having problems with this threat, let us know and whe can help as far as whe can.

That are other People here that are very good at this.

Good Luck.


Re: Need Help with Virus

Hello marioc

It doesn't seem to be a virus, but a download manager that downloads other programs along with it. They do this in order to try and keep the program free. They claim it is easy to uninstall and you have to uninstall each part also as the indicated link does show also..

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Re: Need Help with Virus

Thanks everyone for your replies:

I am using Norton internet security and I have windows 7, I keep up with my updates so I would say i do have the new pak.

I did not find the virus with software, what happened is while on my website just trying to click on links, It would say blocked pop up and it wouldl open a new window with the iLivid download manager and it says it will download in 20 minutes and starts to count down. It kind of takes over the computer as anything I click on it goes back to the download manager. And then all of the sudden it stops and things go back to normal.  I think I got this when I downloaded a free software to convert video to put on my site. So I have deleted that software.  I also did a full Norton scan which did not find anything and used Norton utilities to clean my disk. So far it seems to be gone but only time will tell.

I got on to post on this forum this morning and I could not log in, I could not check my email, some how it  would not because it would not allow cookies, well I got all that fixed and I can now log into hotmail and read my email, and I am now able to login to this forum. 

I will continue to monitor and see if the problem is fixed but if not any ideas would be helpful just in case the problem is not fixed . I will keep you posted.

Thanks, Mario

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