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Renewal for 3 computers?

I just renewed Norton 360 which I thought was for 3 computers but seems to have only 1 download available My account shows:

Product Name     Expiration Date           Licensed Installs     Available Installs

Norton 360            Nov 8, 2012                3                                  1

Why only 1 available download?



Re: Renewal for 3 computers?

Hi, crankee,

Welcome to our community!

If you are showing only one install available, it means you or someone with access to your Norton Account have installed Norton twice already. Ordinarily, this means on two separate computers; this can be as simple as replacing an old machine with a new one--you only have one computer in use, but Norton can't tell that, and you have (in this example) used your key twice. We also see this sometimes when a computer has a catastrophic failure and has to be rebuilt: again, when Norton is reinstalled (in this case on the same computer), you end up with only one install in use, but you've used your key twice, and that's all Norton can see.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to get this straightened out (either now, or when you actually need  that third install). Just contact the helpful folks at Norton's Live Chat customer support center, and they should be able to free up that missing license for reuse in a matter of minutes!

Let us know how this works out for you!


Re: Renewal for 3 computers?

thanks very much for the reply. I'll try that.

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