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Using Win XP.

I have Norton 360 installed which is repeatedly advising me that it has failed to remove Trojan.FakeAV which it says is High Risk although Norton site says that it is low risk.

I have used Norton Power Eraser several times which has also failed to remove it.

I don't have any repeated popups urging me to buy any software but I do have that nasty IntelliTXT advertising link system that returns every time I clear cache when I have to opt out yet again.
I also notice that I get a New Program Installed notice almost every time I start.

Any ideas on how to get rid of either or both or are they possibly linked?




Re: Trojan.FakeAV

Hi Bravos,


There are many others on this forum far more experienced than I but I am on line now so I will chip in, hoping it may help.

As Norton seems to have failed to remove the trouble on this occasion have you considered using the free version of Malwarebytes:


The free version should not clash with Norton and gives you a simple and free alternative to try.   Or you may want to wait for one of our more knowledgeable contributors.

Whatever you choose.  Good luck.


Re: Trojan.FakeAV

They are almost certainly linked. We have had a rash of these recently, ranging from the relatively straightforward (low-risk) that are just the FakeAV, to really complicated ones that include zeroaccess (a rootkit to protect them) that might include a tripwire to shut your system down if a security product finds it (the rootkit).

I believe Quads is the only one here who is qualified to tell the difference and advise you--given the risks of a misstep--so if he shows up on this thread, do what he says and the rest of us will step aside!

He's in another time zone, though, so if you cannot wait, you may wish to try one of the specialized malware removal forums, where a real malware expert can work with you one-on-one in real time to dig these things out. Some of our best folks here have checked them out to make sure that they are capable, and competent to deal with rootkits and other nasties. Most of them handle tricky Windows problems as well.

Just sign up for one of their free accounts--where required--and go to the forums; don't click on any of the ads! Note that some of these forums (like bleepingcomputer) require that once they begin working with you, you not consult any other sources on your infection until it's resolved--and will close your case if you do. This is important, to avoid confusion (and really bad outcomes) resulting from trying to follow several people's advice at once! LOL

Good luck, and please let us know how it turns out!


Re: Trojan.FakeAV

Please restart your computer in Safe Mode, and then run a full system scan with Norton 360 or Norton Power Eraser. Let us know if it is able to detect/remove the threats. If the problem perists, please provide the file and threat detection details.



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