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System Infected: Tidserv Activity Problem!

Category: Intrusion Prevention
Date & Time,Risk,Activity,Status,Recommended Action,IPS Alert Name,Default Action,Action Taken,Attacking Computer,Attacker URL,Destination Address,Source Address,Traffic Description
11/26/2011 8:07 PM,High,An intrustion attempt by requiring manual removal detected.,Detected,Removal Instructions,System Infected: Tidserv Activity,Removal Instructions,Removal Instructions,", 80","nwvt58qtmlze1x.com/nZA1DKvd7r4Yzru1dmVyPTQuMyZiaWQ9NWZkYTkxZmNkMmY2MTFiNmUwZDZmNzFjNmYwMjVmZjgxYzQzZmMwNiZhaWQ9MzAzMzAmc2lkPTAmcmQ9MCZlbmc9d3d3Lmdvb2dsZS5jb20mcT1ub3J0b24gMzYwIGZvcnVtcyZ4ODY9NjQmcmY9TDNObFlYSmphRDl4UFc1dmNuUnZiaXN6TmpBclptOXlkVzF6Sm1sbFBYVjBaaTA0Sm05bFBYVjBaaTA0Sm1GeFBYUW1jbXh6UFc5eVp5NXRiM3BwYkd4aE9tVnVMVlZUT205bVptbGphV0ZzSm1Oc2FXVnVkRDFtYVhKbFptOTRMV0U906h","LISA-PC (, 49399)",,"TCP, www-http"

This is what it has been telling me. I am assuming my system is infected, I've tried many, many, many anti viruses. I've tried the fix you have and it finds nothing. What do I need to do to get rid of this virus?



Re: System Infected: Tidserv Activity Problem!

As now it might not be the original TDL4, but either Max++ (zeroaccess) or MaxSS

TDSSkiller, gets updated as fast as possible.

Note: Sometimes the TDSSkiller .exe version that can be downloaded on the website is updated faster than the .zip version.


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