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Intelligent Updater


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Re: Intelligent Updater

Hi, ronenhaim,

Live Update is the standard--and generally the best--way for Norton to get its definitions updates. Your Norton installation itself controls the process, so all that needs to be downloaded are the updates themselves. And every time your Norton product runs a Live Update, it looks in a place on Symantec's  servers that contains, up-to-the-minute,  the very latest updates that have been released.

The Intelligent Updater is an alternative way for your Norton to get updated. It downloads a self-installing package that runs, detects which updates your particular installation of Norton requires, and applies them. Because it, not your ownrunning copy of Norton, is driving the process, it doesn't know what updates you actually need and what updates you may already have installed until you download and run it; this means it has to include everything that you might need, just in case, and will therefore be a significantly larger download. But it can be very good in certain situations, for example for folks who need to protect a computer that has very low bandwidth, but who can take a notebook computer to a location with free public Wi-Fi and download it to a thumbdrive...or folks who have bandwidth constraints and a large number of computers to update, who would rather only have to download the updates once for the lot of them rather than once for each PC...or folks who want to control the specific time that their Norton does its updates, and so would rather turn Live Update off (but obviously don't want their defginitions to get out of date).

Both methods will get you where you need to go, but they're optimized for different user requirements...so you can pick the one that best suits your circumstances.

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Re: Intelligent Updater


The main difference between Intelligent Updated and Live Update is:

Intelligent Updater is an exe file which is generated by Symantec (most probably everyday) which contains the latest virus and web protection definitions. And it cannot contain the product updates. Once you have exe in your machine you have to run and it would get synced with theantivirus definitions in the product

Whereas Live Update is one, where the definitions are meant to be directly downloaded to the product from the symantec live update servers and it contains Product updates too. All the product updates, engine updates are sent only through live updates.




Re: Intelligent Updater

Thank you all !

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