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Norton 360 Tuneup


I was wondering how safe Norton 360 pc tuneup is? I used iolo once and it messed up my computer so I'm a little scared to try Norton's. Does anyone here use the pc tuneup feature?


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Re: Norton 360 Tuneup

Are you happy with how your PC is working at present?

Is it very old and the hard drive is getting full?

Those are what I would consider before running a robot ....

If you have a specific problem then I'd suggest asking how to deal with it, either here if it is virus related or in Tech Outpost if it is not ...

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Re: Norton 360 Tuneup


if you wish you can turn on and off different things in the PC tuneup functions.

You can do this in the Settings -> Task scheduling section. Firefox cleaning options are the last ones in the Administrative settings.

Which ones are totally safe to use are the Internet Explorer, Windows, and Firefox temp and history cleaning tools. /first 3 on the taks scheduling settings/

Disk optimization you can also turned on, it is a simple defragmenter, plus it uses Windows' own defragmenting system.

I usually turn off the registry cleaner as I use an other tool for this one. If you are not sure about this, just turn it off. Having some extra stuff in the registry will not cause troubles vs. if there're less. :)

Windows 10 Hungarian, Norton Internet Security v22.9.0.71

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